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Michael Mrozek EvilDragon at openpandora.org
Mon Jan 21 11:00:41 CET 2019

On Mo, 2019-01-21 at 07:19 +0100, Andreas Kemnade wrote:


yes, the reason for that is because the nubs are in an in-between state

The driver we're currently using for the nubs is the same we used on
the Pandora. That is only a temporary solution.

The Pandora didn't have clickable buttons, so the current nub driver
doesn't use these.

The idea was to write a proper xinput driver so the nubs can be fully
used like a normal xinput system, for example a nub.

I'm not sure what the exact state is right now, but I think a basic
xinput driver does exist but no one worked on it to make it usable as a
mouse, so we're stuck somewhere inbetween.

> Hi,
> Seems that I am running in "pothole detection mode"
> on my makesd-created stretch system, pressing the nubs does not cause
> a mouse
> button reaction. After some research I found out that the buttons
> seem to be
> part of the pyra-game-buttons device and that is treated as keyboard
> by x11.
> So now I am wondering how to treat that:
> a) split pyra-game-buttons into a mouse and a keyboard portion
>    need to test whether that is better accepted.
> b) add some button gpio dtb property to the as5013 driver so combine
>    mouse into one device. (like e.g. the jack detect gpio is given to
> the
>    twl4030-audo stuff)
> c) fix userspace. How feasible is that, was anything done to upstream
> such
>    things? But I guess there is not much awareness of this situation,
> a) is easiest, if it works, b) will probably need to duplicate some
> code
>    from gpio-keys, c) looks it these things will pop up again and
> again
>    at different places.
> Regards,
> Andreas
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