[Letux-kernel] Pyra game buttons

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Mon Jan 21 07:19:08 CET 2019


Seems that I am running in "pothole detection mode"
on my makesd-created stretch system, pressing the nubs does not cause a mouse
button reaction. After some research I found out that the buttons seem to be
part of the pyra-game-buttons device and that is treated as keyboard by x11.
So now I am wondering how to treat that:

a) split pyra-game-buttons into a mouse and a keyboard portion
   need to test whether that is better accepted.

b) add some button gpio dtb property to the as5013 driver so combine
   mouse into one device. (like e.g. the jack detect gpio is given to the
   twl4030-audo stuff)

c) fix userspace. How feasible is that, was anything done to upstream such
   things? But I guess there is not much awareness of this situation,

a) is easiest, if it works, b) will probably need to duplicate some code
   from gpio-keys, c) looks it these things will pop up again and again
   at different places.

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