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Tue Sep 29 11:48:52 CEST 2015

Hi Radek,

Am 29.09.2015 um 11:24 schrieb Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz>:

> On Tuesday 29 of September 2015 10:56:34 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> > But why doesn't it simply provide a binary qt4-fb-dev.deb package based on
> > the build scripts for the qt4-dev package? So that I can completely avoid
> > to compile it from scratch?
> Can be done.
> > The key problem is that compiling each time from scratch and otside the
> > standard Debian way (although it is used internally) makes the
> > compile-test-fix cycle so time consuming that you loose interest. That is
> > my main issue with current status of QtMoko. Building Replicant or
> > QuantumSTEP is much faster (all of them have the same goal of providing
> > GUIs).
> If you want fast compiling why not cross compile? 

I tired and it didn't appear to be faster to set up (dependencies...). And trying to
compile natively on the OMAP4 Pandaboard or OMAP5 uevm also wasn't fast.

> I have personally worked on both - android and QtMoko. In the end i found the development on QtMoko much faster (recompile and scp just one lib/exe).

Yes, I agree that development should become much faster as soon as a working build system is set up.

> > So my main suggestions:
> > * break up the source into smaller pieces that can be built individually by
> > standard debian build tools. * provide and maintain stand-alone debian
> > build scripts
> > * provide prebuilt binary packages for i386, armhf for all components (not
> > only the apps) that can be easily installed on any Debian machine by adding
> > to the sources.list and apt-get install * add a meta-package "qtmoko" so
> > that apt-get install qtmoko pulls in all binary components * try to get it
> > into official Debian
> > 
> > Then it is easier to fix/adjust things by focussing on the single package
> > where a problem is - instead of building everything from scratch.
> I don't have any motivation. I spent so much time getting everything working.

Well, basically my offer is to help with this process (http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-qtmoko/) - but I can't do it alone nor do I expect that you do it alone.
I can organize a project and do some experiments (like trying to compile) to find out about the hurdles and mantraps.

>  Now i have quite nice userspace, but there is simply no device which is usable for it.

Well, for me it is the reverse thing: I have spent so much time to improve hardware and keep the kernel following mainline but have no nice userspace which is useable for it (well, we have one: Replicant - but it is currently stuck on 3.12 kernel).

So looks like a deadlock :)

> GTA02: slow
> GTA04: power problems
> besides both of them have display unreadable on sun -> no way to use for GPS navigation.

We have also the L3704 (compatible to GTA04) which is better in sunlight - but also not the latest technology.
And if we had everything working we could think about developing new hardware - but not before. Again a deadlock to resolve.

> In mean time i have bought Jolla which has the linux command line and tools, has good power management and i am pretty happy with it.

Yes, there are always alternatives... If you abandon the open source philosophy there are even more - and technologically they are really good and leading edge and make you happy in daily use (not in some aspects behind the scenes).

And indeed it is easier to take something done by a bigger team (Jolla) than supporting a smaller team.

But I understand your argument. It needs a lot of enhusiasm and altruism to continue this work. The reward is low compared to the efforts invested. So at some point in life you may ask yourself if there aren't other areas to invest time into.

Nevertheless, I think revitalizing QtMoko is something that should be of interest to the community.


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