[Gta04-owner] [ANNOUNCE] Goldelico Replicant Testing Snapshot (2014.08)

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Fri Aug 22 13:52:58 CEST 2014


After a long period of silence, which was due to me being busy with
university work, I have a new Goldelico Replicant announcement to make!
Fortunately, Paul added quite some changes to upstream Replicant in the
mean time, which I could import into our single-partition, easy
installable and multi-device Goldelico Replicant variant.

The free GTA04 Android/Replicant port improved quite a bit during the
last few months. I'll try to summarize what happened since our last
announcement in April:

Integrated upstream changes, as reported by Paul:
* GPS support
* stable & fast WiFi
* Vibrator support
* adb via function_fs
* Audio configuration (for A4)
* Power Profile

Additional Features:
* support Letux 2804 (GTA04) phone, Letux 3704 PDA, Letux 7004 tablet
* support for LIS302 accel sensor (by Alexandre)
* support for TEPT4400 ambient light sensor
* automatic brightness control on Letux 3704 (using TEPT4400)
* integration of Radio Interface Layer (hayes-ril)
* improvements to hayes-ril, to support the GTA04 modem (GTM601)

The most exciting features are probably the improved WiFi and RIL
integration, in combination with the Audio profile. I've been especially
focused on the RIL. Besides basic SIM access and network authentication,
you should be able to test phone calls (audio routing on A3 models still
missing), receive basic SMS (sending still missing) and connect to the
3G mobile data network. The RIL is not yet very solid; If you cannot
connect to the network, a reboot, flight-mode toggle or mobile data
toggle might help. Once connected to 3G or WiFi you can also initiate
and receive SIP calls with good sound quality on A3 and A4!
Using those technologies, you can now get a good internet connection on
your GTA04, which can be used for surfing, emails and SIP calls, using
Androids integrated SIP client.

If you appreciate what you see here, I'd like to kindly ask you, on
behalf of Goldelico, to consider making a donation to the GTA04 project.
Your donations will help to keep our efforts going and support projects
such as Android porting, Kernel upstreaming, project representation at
conferences and more. Donations can be made here:

=== Download ===

=== Installation ===
* mount your SD card to /media/roofs
* download 20140821-replicant+3G.tbz
* tar xjvpf 20140821-replicant+3G.tbz -C /media/rootfs
* sync
* unmount the SD card and boot your GTA04 with it

=== Documentation ===

=== Changelog & Issues ===

=== Get involved ===
We're a small team, always looking for your support, be it code,
testing, documentation or donations. If you'd like to get involved,
please have a look at the documentation page.

During my final tests of this snapshot on a Letux 3704 (GTA04A4 based),
I experienced some very strange SIM related errors and was not able to
enter my PIN. I think this is some specific problem to my hardware, as
everything was working fine on my GTA04A3. If you're not able to enter a
PIN, please report this problem and provide you RIL log (issue "adb
logcat -b radio" on the host were your device is connected to, to get
the log)

Another feature were I'd appreciate test reports is audio phone calls
(not SIP) on the GTA04A4. Theoretically sound should be working, but I
could not test this, because the A4 based L3704 I have does neither have
a mic nor speakers.

As reported by Paul in his upstream Replicant report, we're also looking
for somebody to improve/implement the power saving functions of the
libertas_sdio WiFi kernel driver. If you're interested in this topic,
please have a look here:

-- Munich, 2014-08-22

Kind regards,
  Lukas Märdian

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