[Gta04-owner] debian: sshd dies after a few minutes

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Jan 4 16:45:52 CET 2013


i upgraded the squeezy image to sid and experience consistently that the  
sshd (ie the daemon on the GTA04!) freezes after a few minutes.

usually it happens during an active connection, but just now i've seen it  
after a reboot w/o connection -- rebooted, left the room for a while and  
when i came back, i couldn't even log in.

tried several approaches, but so far nothing fixes this -- since in the  
process i managed to kill X/LXDE, i am unable to do anything on the GTA04  
itself and have to reboot the device forcibly every time.

i still can ping it, so the network itself seems to be up ...

has anyone seen this and knows, what to do about it? with the GTA02 i've  
seen this kind of behaviour with the dropbear server -- switching to  
debian's fullfledged sshd solved it back then, but now opensssh-server is  
installed already.

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