[Gta04-owner] uptate: offering gta04 phone

mx4812 at arcor.de mx4812 at arcor.de
Fri Jan 4 14:36:21 CET 2013


good news. I found out that the micro sdcard, that I originally didn't include in the offer, is still working perfectly.

It was just the micro-to-normal sdcard adapter that was giving me problems when writing to the sdcard.

Thus I can include the sdcard with the phone, but have to say that I couldn't get the sdcard adapter to work with my new laptop. (I unexpectedly had to replace my old laptop and have to sell the smartphone for that reason.)

If you want, I can ship the phone ready-to-use with qtmoko installed on the sdcard.

Just send me a message if you're interested. I'll update the thread if the phone is sold.



> Hello,
> I am offering my full set of GTA04A4 hardware at a price of 650 euros.
> The package is comparable to the OpenPhoenux 2804
> package, but complete with charger and accessories.
> The board is installed in an original black GTA02 "neo freerunner" case, 
> together with display, antennas, speaker, mic, etc. (complete mobile
> phone).
>  * original black Openmoko GTA02 "neo" case with GTA04 board installed
>  * full "invisible shield" coating
>  * Micro fibre cleaning cloth
>  * FIC standard battery pack (1200mA Li-ion)
>  * MicroSD Adapter

* 8GB SDcard with qtmoko installed

>  * Stylus
>  * Openmoko power adapter 100-240V (three types of plugs)
>  * USB data/power cable
>  * original Openmoko retail box
> Aside from the new board the items are used but in good condition.
> I will ship the equipment without extra costs to destinations in germany,
> but worldwide shipping is of course also possible, you only need to cover
> the extra postage.
> Regards,
> Charlie

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