[Gta04-owner] Wired headset (QtMoko v53) - no sound during call

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Mon Feb 25 19:46:59 CET 2013

Jiří Brožovský <jiri.brozovsky at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear forum members,
> I have a question related to use of a wired headset with the GTA04A4.
> My problem is:
> - I have a wired headsed (Nokia WH-202)
> - it works very well as headphones (music players)
> - but there is no sound during call (both a microfone and the
> headphones seem to do nothing)
> - I tried to set "headset" profile but with no effect
> - it was under QtMoko v53
> Is this type of headset expected to work? Or do I need more
> steps/configuration to make it work?

I believe there are 3 possible problems here.

1. The ALSA state file (PhoneHeadset.state) could be wrong.

2. Your headset could be wired wrongly, in a way such that it works as
headphones (or appears to - e.g. with left and right actually mixed
together, or with just one of the channels going to both ears) but not
as a microphone (i.e. the microphone line is not on the part of the jack
that GTA04 expects).

3. The kernel's condition for detecting headset jack insertion might not
be exactly right for your phone and/or headset.  E.g. see

Most likely it's just (1).  In that case, and assuming that

- phone calls work for you in speaker mode

- media playback works for you both with and without headphones,

what you could do is

- identify the differences between the MediaSpeaker and MediaHeadset

- apply those differences to PhoneSpeaker, and save the result as

The state files live on your phone at /opt/qtmoko/etc/alsa/a4 (assuming
you have an A4).

(Separately I have a longer term fix for this, based on switching
individual controls, instead of using state files, but unfortunately
that is not completely ready yet.)


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