[Gta04-owner] Wired headset (QtMoko v53) - no sound during call

Jiří Brožovský jiri.brozovsky at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 13:20:56 CET 2013

Dear forum members,

I have a question related to use of a wired headset with the GTA04A4.

My problem is:

- I have a wired headsed (Nokia WH-202)
- it works very well as headphones (music players)
- but there is no sound during call (both a microfone and the
headphones seem to do nothing)
- I tried to set "headset" profile but with no effect
- it was under QtMoko v53

Is this type of headset expected to work? Or do I need more
steps/configuration to make it work?

I tried to search the forum and it seems to me that others have no
problems with headsets.

Except this thing I am very satisfied with my phone (I use it from
January as my main phone).
So many thanks to you all for your great work!

Best regards,
Jiri Brozovsky

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