[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v52

EdorFaus edorfaus at xepher.net
Sun Feb 3 00:03:06 CET 2013


On 02/01/2013 11:08 AM, Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi,
> QtMoko v52 is out now. You can download experimental armhf tarball from
> here [1] or stable armel from here [2]. For more info visit our homepage
> [3].

I (finally!) got around to upgrading from v48 today (well, I think it 
was v48 anyway, that's the last tarball I found on my PC), going to v52 
(armhf), and overall, it's very nice! Many thanks to Radek and everyone 
else who have helped make QtMoko as good as it is.

I can confirm that suspend current is now measured to 15mA, which is 
very good compared to what I used to have (like, 28mA or so IIRC).

The headset jack detection still thinks a headset is plugged in when it 
isn't, but I guess that's a hardware tolerance issue more than a 
software issue, so I re-applied the workaround of deleting the input4 
device node in qpe.sh to disable detection.

With that, ringtones and SMS alerts work fine, with nicely loud audio 
during a test call I did from my work phone.

The g_ether MAC address kept changing on every boot, until I renamed a 
file - I'm guessing Debian's package has gotten more strict in the 
filenames it accepts in /etc/modprobe.d/ as the only needed change was 
renaming "options" to "options.conf" (Radek, you may want to update your 
rootfs howto accordingly).

I backed up everything, and restored most of the files backed up by Neil 
Jerram's script (from the email on 2012-11-22), and ended up keeping my 
SMSes and at least some of my contacts, though I suspect I don't have 
all of them - does anyone happen to know where exactly QtMoko stores its 
database of contacts?

(I suppose I could check if I'm simply misremembering by restoring the 
old version of QtMoko, but I'd prefer not having to...)

I also lost my call history, but that's not really much of a problem for 
me. It might be indicative of having missed a database file or something 
during restore from backup though. I guess I'll look around a bit and 
maybe try some things if noone already knows what to do.

And, finally, I have a question: did I understand it right that, from 
now on, upgrading to later versions of QtMoko should be as simple as an 
apt-get update and (dist-)upgrade? (Unless you tell us otherwise in the 
release announcement?) That would be wonderful, if true, and would make 
it much less likely to lose any data during upgrades...

Frode Austvik

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