[Gta04-owner] Modem reenummerating (was: Re: Crowdfunding an Ubuntu smartphone)

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Aug 29 11:10:12 CEST 2013

Hello Radek,

> In the mean time i'll prepare QtMoko v56 which uses AT_OPSYS=0,2 (this 
line was commented in v55
> because i believed that the reenumerate is fixed in kernel with the RING 

this would mean v56 will use 2G only. That would make it unusable for at 
least my needs, because it would slow down data transfer rates so 
something like 10KB/sec again.    :-o

So I strongly suggest that in case you want QtMoko to deal with and 
setting AT_OPSYS again, please let it present a dialog to the user before 
in order to let him choose what he wants.

Due to what already has been pointed out within this list, this would mean 
for the first number:

0 - GSM or 2G or GPRS (opinions vary)  only
1 - UMTS or 3G only
2 - prefer 2G over 3G
3 - prefer 3G over 2G
4 - keep using whatever you are using now
5 - automatic selection.

The default setting seems to be 0,2.

The second number seems always to be set to 2.

Best regards
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