[Gta04-owner] Make bootsplash survive after kernel load

Lukas Märdian luk at slyon.de
Tue Apr 23 22:41:26 CEST 2013

Am 23.04.2013 21:54, schrieb Paul Kocialkowski:
> I've been playing around with the GTA04 bootloaders and especially tried
> to get u-boot to display a boot splash before starting the kernel.
> The problem seems that as soon as the kernel is loading, the screen
> fills up with random pixels while I would really like to see the boot
> splash survive up to the UI start (just like it is done on other phones
> that I know).
> Any hind or lead that could help me achieve that?

The U-Boot splash is loaded from the splash.rgb16z or splash.rgb16 file
(on the first FAT partition), which can be created from a 480x640 PNG by
using this commands:
  avconv -vcodec png -i INPUT.png -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt
rgb565 splash.rgb16
  gzip splash.rgb16
  mv splash.rgb16.gz splash.rgb16z

This splash screen stays on the screen until it is reset by the kernel's
framebuffer (little tux/console). I think if you want the image to
survive this step, you have to either tell the kernel to draw the very
same image to the framebuffer instead of the little tux, or to not
touching the framebuffer at all.

The current splash-file in place is being flashed to NAND during the
normal u-boot updating process. And is then used as fallback, if no
splash.rgb16[z] is available.

The random pixels you are talking about remind me about a situation
where I had a corrupted u-boot splash image in place. In my case it got
corrupted while downloading the file from download.goldelico.com.


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