[Gta04-owner] Hints for installing QtMoko on recently delivered GTA04 boards

Mark Müller markmueller86 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 17:09:30 CET 2012


> We are currently in the middle of improving, fixing and testing the 
> boot system (x-loader, u-boot, boot.scr) and a new release of the 
> hw-validation Debian/LXDE system is planned soon. So if you did take 
> the "unstable" one, you may have just been unlucky. The new one (after 
> being stable) should be more robust to really bring the device into a 
> defined state.
> Radek has upgraded the qtmoko installation instructions right after my 
> comments.
> I think nothing wrong. Besides "unstable" is exactly what is says... 
OK, thanks. For the logs and others that are trying to get a bootable 
QtMoko with the new unstable branch of the boot system:

SHR works out of the box with the new unstable system, just replacing 
the uImage in the boot partition with the one from the SHR root 
partition in /boot/. As QtMoko does not work for me and booting the 
kernel ends up in a reboot loop, I replaced the kernel from QtMoko with 
the SHR kernel:
I used the Debian/LXDE boot system from unstable, replaced uImage in the 
boot partition with the one from SHR staging (./boot/uImage-3.4.9) and 
copied the kernel and modules from SHR to the QtMoko root partition. Et 
voilà - it worked!

BTW: How is the design for multiboot (booting multiple distributions) 
supposed to work? The new u-boot menu has options to boot from SD1-4 as 
it looks. But it's using the kernel on the first (FAT) partition, isn't it?

- Mark

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