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Fri Nov 30 15:05:10 CET 2012

Hi Sven,

Am 29.11.2012 um 09:58 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> Hello Nikolaus, 
> >> Wouldn't it be a good idea to have two different penguin pictures? That means 
> >> in addition to "splash.rgb16z" we could have a "splash.rgb16z.flash". Bootloader 
> >> would then use version "splash.rgb16z.flash" in order to flash it to NAND and by 
> >> the way give it the name "splash.rgb16z" there. Then also dummies like me would 
> >> see at one glance what's going on, when the penguin for example wears a shirt 
> >> with writing "NAND" or "SD" on it or something like that. 
> > 
> > Unfortunately it is already quite a hack to have two different bitmaps... U-Boot can't 
> > do any image processing or GUI. So the trick is simply to copy a block of bytes from 
> > NAND to RAM, unzip and set the framebuffer base address to the RAM address. 
> But I can't believe that in case when booting from SD card, that then you'll first copy from SD to NAND before copying from NAND to RAM. So I still suggest: 
> a) In case you'll boot from SD card and see that you want to flash the bootloader, copy image "splash.rgb16z.flash" instead of "splash.rgb16z" from SD to NAND while displaying dark red and empty screen. 
> b) In case you'll  boot from SD card and see that you will not flash the bootloader, copy image "splash.rgb16z" from SD to RAM and display this. 
> c) In case you'll boot from NAND, you don't have any other chance than displaying image "splash.rgb16z.flash" from NAND. 

Ah, I get your idea.

Unfortuanately, U-Boot scripts can't find out where they or U-Boot itself were booted from.

So we have these rules (to some extent dictated by the limited programmability of u-boot and hardware):

1. if AUX is pressed -> u-boot.bin from SD
    if AUX not pressed -> u-boot.flash from NAND

This is done by BootROM & MLO/X-Loader.

2. Boot.scr comes from SD if available, NAND else.

3. Boot.scr flashes if the version in NAND is different.

4. u-boot.bin (on SD) is hard-coded to erase the environment
    so that it will flash because no version in NAND is known.

> > This is why I recommend to have a separate SD card for upgrading the bootloader. Then you will know... 
> No, in case bootloader version of SD card and NAND are identical, I will not know if I did something little wrong with formatting the SD card or copying MLO and thus getting booted from NAND instead of SD. But I want to know. 

My strong recommendation for everyone is to keep the bootloader identical,
and use a SD card with different bootloader only for flashing.

After flashing, use only the bootloader from NAND.

If you are not happy, restore the old bootloader on SD and reflash NAND.
But I expect that this works only smoothly with very recent and future versions.

Everything else makes a lot of trouble if users have different versions on SD
and NAND. This is something I want to avoid. And, U-Boot should be quite stable,
i.e. change only once or twice a year.

If you want a different behaviour, please modify the boot.scr before flashing
and please let us know about patches.

> >> I can do the rebooting as often as I want to. The new bootloader will never recognize 
> >> that it already has flashed itself. Later on I could even see this behaviour after a proper 
> >> shutdown of QtMoko and soft reboot. 
> > 
> > Hm. This may be an issue by up- and downgrading between different bootloaders. Please 
> > insert the new-bootloader-SD and boot with AUX button pressed. 
> OK, I'll try what happens. 
> Best regards 
>    Sven 


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