[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49 - Look and feel

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Wed Nov 28 23:30:16 CET 2012


> for me, pulseaudio was running wild and comsuming a lot of cpu

I've installed three times v50 today and have same behaviour (pulseaudio
always uses 5-15% of CPU).

As I've seen your mail, I applied :

> killall pulse.sh
> killall pulseaudio
> ./opt/qtmoko/qpe.env # <---------- without space between . and /
> pulseaudio --system -D

And now system is again well responsive (pulseaudio doesn't appear in

Before I applied these commands, current on sleep was to about 50mA and
now is about 30-40mA. Before, with qtmoko v48, it was about 23-25mA. I
think it's because of pulseaudio/systemd, but I don't know if 5-10mA is
a big changement (and it needs to be confirmed).

I've seen another bug : mplayer isn't able to play alarm sounds. I heard
only glitches. It the same for mp3 (with mp3 codecs) and for voice notes
(but not sure if last one as really made good file (0 minutes)). But,
fortunately, sound of calls is good (even without applying above


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