[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49 - Look and feel

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Wed Nov 28 10:31:36 CET 2012


meanwhile I had some more trials with bootloader 20121120 and QtMoko v49.

1.) I removed the old v47 SD card and tried to boot the phone without any 
card. Result: Yellow screen, then penguin, then colored flashing power 
button. That means, indeed a bootloader and its associated stuff had been 
flashed automatically into NAND at some time without giving any notice.

-> Suggestion:
Wouldn't it be a good idea to have two different penguin pictures? That 
means in addition to "splash.rgb16z" we could have a 
"splash.rgb16z.flash". Bootloader would then use version 
"splash.rgb16z.flash" in order to flash it to NAND and by the way give it 
the name "splash.rgb16z" there. Then also dummies like me would see at one 
glance what's going on, when the penguin for example wears a shirt with 
writing "NAND" or "SD" on it or something like that.
Especially please note: If a dummy like me has now a valid bootloader in 
NAND and puts an SD card into the phone that also has a valid bootloader, 
then I never know which one has really been booted and it would be very 
complicated always having to read and check all technical details in order 
to find out.

2.) Nikolaus wrote: "The boot.scr is doing the auto-flashing when it 
detects a new version of itself." So for this reason I didn't do any 
modification on the v49 SD card, put it into the phone again and powered 
it on. Result: Dark red screen and no penguin. OK, that was expected. But 
because sometimes I can be scuzzy, I didn't wait for QtMoko to boot. 
Instead of that when seeing the boot menu, I removed the battery and then 
inserted it again. Result: Dark red screen and no penguin. NOK!

-> Bug note:
I can do the rebooting as often as I want to. The new bootloader will 
never recognize that it already has flashed itself. Later on I could even 
see this behaviour after a proper shutdown of QtMoko and soft reboot.

3.) After some cycles I let QtMoko v49 boot. After that it presented 
itself with Finxi theme at once, but still with black background, some 
missing icons and empty battery icon.

-> Bug note:
I could do rebooting as often as I want to. Finxi theme in v49 will never 
present itself any more as it did until v47.

I think it's clear why battery icon is working for you but not for me. 
Within this list it had been pointed out that with the new kernel you need 
to "calibrate" your battery first, what means you have to discharge it 
completely at least once. This is something what I never did and because 
of the need to trickle charge it again after that, I still want to avoid 
this. I got my GTA04 together with a new GTA02 battery and I never let it 
go down under approx. 10%.

Best regards
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