[Gta04-owner] QtMoko v49 - Look and feel

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Nov 27 12:51:39 CET 2012

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:01:58 AM Sven Dyroff wrote:

> Hello,
> meanwhile I also tried QtMoko v49 together with bootloader "Production
> 20121120". My impressions:
> - Bootloader starts with dark red and empty screen -> Shock! What's wrong?

I think this color comes from the bootloader.

> - No penguin -> Anger! What's going wrong here?

The big fullscreen penguin was also displayed by bootloader...

> - QtMoko booting -> Fine!
> - See QtMoko booting for unusual long time -> Slowly anger arises again.
> What's going wrong?

Nothing, this is normal. On first start ssh is generating host keys and takes 
some time and cpu. Without host keys ssh cant be secure and i guess we all 
want ssh and we all want it to be secure...

> - Do the calibration. It's awfully slow and choppy. -> WTF?

Can be still because of that ssh. But to confirm you would have to ssh and 
check it with top.

> - Enter date, time and pin. It's ok.
> - See the MokoFaen and go to settings in order to switch to Finxi. OK, I
> expected this step to do. But I didn't expect it to last such long.
> - See Finxi with black background -> Bahhhh!
> - See that some icons are missing. Very strange: The green "Back"-icon has
> gone. But I need it and so I found: I can touch it and it works, but I
> can't see it -> Bahhh!

This is known bug which has been there forever. After changing theme you 
sometimes need to reboot to get the icons right...

> - See empty battery icon whereas I know the battery is quite full. Problem
> known from v48  ->   :-(((

If restart does not help then we can try to debug this. But for me it works 

> Result:
> Being happy that my NAND is still quite empty! So just remove the SD card
> and put in again the old one with QtMoko v47 (and previous bootloader). In
> my opinion the best and most stable version we have. Might be that v48 or
> v49 have lots of more features and some bugs fixed, but I don't want to
> try that out when the whole system already annoys me from the scratch...

I think you are quite fast with judging here. Let me explain. In v47 there is 
problem with ringtones and sound generally. The sound card is sometimes left 
in open state and this results in no ringtones or no sound in calls. This is 
clearly big problem that had to be addressed - see how many bug reports were 
made about it.

So now we are using pulseaudio+gstreamer which have nice way to solve this 
problem and it also makes the media player very usable as bonus.

I am really taking a lot of care to not introduce regressions and so far there 
has been no unsolved regression report about the new pulseaudio+gtreamer sound 

Even you in this mail are not mentioning any regression. The thing with theme 
was here forever. Do one restart and be happy :) or send a patch if you cant 
live with it. I know you dont like the new theme - that's why i kept also the 
old one, but majority people including me like mokofaen.

If you wonder about the image size - it's not that QtMoko added so many 
features - these are just in kbytes, but the problem is that gstreamer 
packages in debian are not split up in a way so that i can install just the 
basics. I am currently also unhappy that it went from 90->150MB but there is 
good chance that we can get back around 90 MB again.

> Sorry for this negative text, but I think an honest opinion is better for
> this project than a lying one.

No need to say sorry, i liked the text and i hope that if you give v50 more 
time, that you'll be happy again :)



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