[Gta04-owner] The sound level changes with or without remote USB cable

EdorFaus edorfaus at xepher.net
Fri Nov 9 00:00:19 CET 2012

I have a suggestion that might help to narrow this down.

If you could save the ALSA state both when plugged in (audio works) and 
when not plugged in (audio does not work), then we could compare the two 
states to see if that yields any clues as to what is going on.

The ALSA state can be saved by running this command on the phone:

alsactl store -f filename.state

where the filename should obviously be different each time; I'd suggest 
something like "working.state" and "silent.state" just to make it 
obvious which is which.

My first thought was that this might be the headset detection problem, 
but then I realized that it would have made the call silent both ways, 
not just from you to the other end, so that's probably not it...

The other thought was that if the states are identical, this problem is 
apparently somewhere below ALSA, either a (strange) hardware fault or 
maybe something to do with the modem state (related to the 
software/hardware routing, perhaps)...

Either way, knowing the differences (if any) should narrow things down 
at least a little bit.


On 11/08/2012 10:58 PM, Marc Langlois wrote:
> Yes, i have meeting profile set.
> New information here:
> During the call, if I plug my charger then  my correspondent hear my
> voice and after unplug this charger my correspondent is deaf (no
> specific for a computer and during the same communication).
> I also said: it has no added information in the logs (for extraction
> usb cable) in the category audiostate. The problem is the same if I
> receive a call or if I start the call.
> Regards.
> Marc Langlois
> 2012/11/8 Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz>:
>> On Wednesday, November 07, 2012 10:39:22 PM Marc Langlois wrote:
>>> Where should I look next?
>> Do you have meeting profile set? It can be set in Settings->Ringtones and
>> profiles->meeting->select activate from context menu.
>> You might need to reboot the phone.
>> The phone will now just vibrate, but it also workaround the problem when sound
>> card is left in open state and there is no sound.
>> If this doesnt help it must be something else. Then it would be useful to
>> enable logging and especially the "Audio state" category. The logging goes to
>> /var/log/messages.
>> Regards
>> Radek
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