[Gta04-owner] Antwort: Re: How to bring forward the community?

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Wed Feb 29 10:26:03 CET 2012

>>> What would we need to get New Spirit into our Community?
>> We need courage bashing Apple and Android as the evil, sucking our 
>> and brains. Giving as the feeling of heros, only left free human 
>> victors of Goliaths.
>> The aestethics of home-brewn projects is disattracting even geeks 
>> nowadays. Openmoko Inc. did quite a good job here, hiding all the tech 
>> stuff in beta-status under a stylish mobile idea, calling it a mixture 
>> of revolution and art.
>> A new platine is not enough, even with zillions of features included.
>> We need a story together with it. We need a myth.
> Hi Christoph,
> after sleeping a night (and fastening my seat belts as every morning),
> I think you have hit the key point:
> we get sportive spirit by competition.
> So the question is, with whom we (this community) are competing?
> E.g.
> * QtMoko & SHR vs. Android & iOS & Win Mobile etc.!
> * GTA04's flexibility and hw-modifiability vs. any commercial device!
> * the art of self modifiable 3D-printed case vs. take what you get!
> etc.
> So let's start/continue/speed up competing against the rest of the world 
> Nikolaus

I slightly disagree.  We need to distinguish two things: Software and 

The software QtMoko and SHR competes with the data sucking and 
brainwashing evil software iOS, Android, Win, etc. But as far as I learned 
up to date this is independent from the GTA04, because at least some 
mainstream mobiles can be hacked and so this evil can be casted out, 
easily. There's no need to buy a very expensive, clumsy and much energy 
scuffing GTA04 for doing that.

No, at least my reason for willing to have the GTA04 is, that this mobile 
is about to cast out the hardware evils of Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson 
etc.: All the constantly increasing malware that will be fitted into the 
modems. Please remember how aggressive political leaders barfed as soon as 
they found out how secure the first versions of 2G GSM have been. They 
threatened providers with cancelling their licences if they will not give 
secret services access to the data streams. Now what about all the 
undocumented stuff the 3G UMTS contains? And who knows about all the shit 
we can expect the 4G LTE has? Please remember the discussion within this 
mailling list about closed black box modems with closed firmware and even 
an own battery that prevents them to be switched off, completely. I claim 
in future times we will even have to think about to develop our own open 
modems in order to get rid of all that shit.

I strongly agree with Christoph that we need a myth, in order to increase 
our power. But It would be a great failure to try to invent one. Fact is, 
we're already about to write it. Every day where we're proceeding with 
this project!

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