[Gta04-owner] How to bring forward the community?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Feb 29 07:55:05 CET 2012

Am 28.02.2012 um 12:12 schrieb Christoph Pulster:

>> What would we need to get New Spirit into our Community?
> We need courage bashing Apple and Android as the evil, sucking our datas  
> and brains. Giving as the feeling of heros, only left free human beings,  
> victors of Goliaths.
> The aestethics of home-brewn projects is disattracting even geeks  
> nowadays. Openmoko Inc. did quite a good job here, hiding all the tech  
> stuff in beta-status under a stylish mobile idea, calling it a mixture  
> of revolution and art.
> A new platine is not enough, even with zillions of features included.
> We need a story together with it. We need a myth.

Hi Christoph,
after sleeping a night (and fastening my seat belts as every morning),
I think you have hit the key point:

we get sportive spirit by competition.

So the question is, with whom we (this community) are competing?

* QtMoko & SHR vs. Android & iOS & Win Mobile etc.!
* GTA04's flexibility and hw-modifiability vs. any commercial device!
* the art of self modifiable 3D-printed case vs. take what you get!


So let's start/continue/speed up competing against the rest of the world :)


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