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On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 17:21:08 +0100
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> Hi to all.
> I have a question realted to the Hardware of GTA04.
> Most of the Mobile Phones today have limits when it comes to Displaying
> the Information on a Mobile Phone as the size of the Mobile Phone need to be small while lot of Information like Websites have hughe Sizes that can not fit on a small Mobile Screen.
> Becouse of this and the allready small Screen of GTA04 i am asking me why
> the Hardware developers does not go the Way using
> Video Eyewear instead LCDs ?
> A Great Producer of such Video Eyewear especially also for Mobile phones
> is http://www.vuzix.com/consumer/products_browse.html

Much of the stuff takes your view completely, but there are also ones which
can be used to show additional information and do not take
your view to the environment (they are half-transparent or even smaller)
Vuzix has such for military use,
they are a lot more expensive. That kind of head mounted displays are not mass
market (low quantities) or especially for military use. 
There are people who have their editor always
running and make notes using their one-hand keyboard (for example a twiddler)
in ther pocket. Keyword: Wearable computing. (I do not want to do too much
of advertisement here, so no links)

http://www.mygoldeni.com/ shows such a head mounted display with a 
computer integrated. I think it would be very interesting to have such a display
with a gta04 integrated.

Andreas Kemnade
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