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Mon Feb 20 11:12:48 CET 2012

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> Von: Andreas Kemnade <andreas at kemnade.info>
> An: gta04-owner at goldelico.com
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> Hi,
> http://www.mygoldeni.com/ shows such a head mounted display with a 
> computer integrated. I think it would be very interesting to have such a
> display
> with a gta04 integrated.
Woow i did not know till yet this http://www.mygoldeni.com/ head mounted
display Gadget. Thanks a lot Andreas for sharing this Info.
I agree full with you and want also that such Virtual Displays are integratet first in GTA04 than just clonning normal mobile smartphones where at the end every person allready can buy them for 0 Cent with a Phone Contract and also easy implement afterthis Linux to run on it.

Beside this i dont agree with People who say Reading Lot of Written Information from eBooks, Websites or PDFs
on a Mobile Phone LCD screen is no Problem.
ThHis is total lying of the Reallity. I want to see the Person who will show me how he read and Navigate daily troght hundreds of Websites, eBooks and PDF on a Mobile Phone LCD screen and tell me it makes total joy.

Fact is if Mobile Phone LCDs are that good for display and reading of lot Information then the iPADs from Apple and Samsung with 7"-9" Screen Size would be not such a big Succes!

> Much of the stuff takes your view completely

Well this is wanted on my Side.
I have lot of Music Videos stored on my Mobile Phones like other People too. Sometime it has also short Youtube Videos of 1 Hour Length.
If i want see a Video or enjoy a 3D Movie such Headmounted Displays that take the full view and can be buyed also very cheap (it beginn allready from 100 USD) deliver the Best Result.

Mobilephones are mostly used also as Entertainment Gadget beside making Phone Calls!

> Greetings
> Andreas Kemnade
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