[Gta04-owner] Linux 3.2-rc4 - now with wifi

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann mok at mnet-online.de
Mon Dec 5 17:20:45 CET 2011

Hello Neil,

On Sat, 03 Dec 2011, NeilBrown wrote:

> hi all,

>  I've updated my mainline gta04 kernel tree to 3.2-rc4.
>     git://neil.brown.name/gta04 merge

> The main new functionality is wireless.  The details for enabling wireless
> are slightly different than with the hw-validation kernel.

> 1/ the reset line is /sys/class/gpio/gta04:wlan:reset
>     write 0 to reset, 1 to release the reset
>    The "reset" line is active-low.

> 2/ After power-on and reset you need to trigger a card-detect signal.
>    This requires making gpio/gta:wlan/cd go high, then low.  Card-detect
>    is active-low too.

> so:

> VDD=3150000
> # VDD=2800000
> echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gta04:wlan:cd/value
> echo "0" >/sys/class/gpio/gta04:wlan:reset/value # activate reset
> echo "$VDD" >/sys/devices/platform/reg-virt-consumer.4/max_microvolts
> echo "$VDD" >/sys/devices/platform/reg-virt-consumer.4/min_microvolts
> echo "normal" >/sys/devices/platform/reg-virt-consumer.4/mode
> echo "1" >/sys/class/gpio/gta04:wlan:reset/value # release reset
> echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gta04:wlan:cd/value  # edge triggers interrupt.

> Each gpio directory has an 'active_low' setting.  I should probably find a
> way to enable that...  Unless I end up hiding all of this inside an rfkill.

> I added the code to enable power-off, but it doesn't work.
> As soon as it tries to access the i2c device to send the power-down command to
> the twl4030 it triggers an error.  It seems that something earlier in the
> shutdown sequence disabled something that is needed for writing to I2C, but I
> have no idea what.
> I've sent an email to someone to ask for hints..

> I discovered that USB_OTG is disabled in the default config, because
> USB_SUSPEND is disabled.  If I enable this (because they sound like good
> things) the charging doesn't work any more.
> I think the usb port goes to sleep and so stops charging.  I really need to
> find a way for the charger to keep the usb port awake.

> Still to do:
>  - power off
>  - accelerometers
>  - explore various bugs reported in dmesg:
>  - Find out why 'suspend' doesn't suspend
>  - Make sure suspend saves maximum power.
>  - make sure can wake from suspend by:
>     power button, rtc, accelerometer, GSM
>  - tidy up LCD panel driver.
>  - make charger keep usb awake, and enable USB_OTG
>  - see if I can make an 'rfkill' device that will power-on wifi/BT for me.
>  - Maybe an rfkill for 'gps' as well.
>  - further explore the rtc alarm bug I found last week.
>  - gyroscope, compass, barometer,  FM radio?
>  - See if I can get it to charge from Openmoko charger.
>  - get all the fixes upstream.

> My goal is to be using this as my regular phone by LCA-2012 !!

great :-)

I have one problem with rc4. Touchsreen stopped working:

root at om-gta04:~# cat /dev/input/event0 
[  739.782196] omap_i2c omap_i2c.2: controller timed out
[  739.813537] tsc2007 2-0048: i2c io error: -110

any hint?

And another big thank you for the great work you're doing (being burned
by the stuttering upstreaming works of Nokia for n900 we (SHR) really appreciate

> NeilBrown

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann
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