[Fso] FSO Revitalizing Plan

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 13:10:32 CET 2014


Nice to see you active again :)

On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 12:29:46PM +0100, Dr. Michael Lauer wrote:
> 1.) Copy the relevant repositories to github.com as a synchronized
> clone of git.freesmartphone.org

I'd personally prefer the main repo and all the other development
resources to be accessible over IPv6, it's year 2014 already, dammit

> 2.) Make sure that what we have there builds against recent tools
> (autofoo, vala, 3rd-party dependencies)

Could you please give a brief overview on what has happened to Vala
and DBus lately? Is Vala developing on stagnating? What do you think
about that new in-kernel dbus implementations etc?

TBH, I personally never liked Vala much for a bunch of reasons, and
neither do I like software architecture based on object inheritance.

> 5.) Ponder about the current state of FSO on recent and future
> target devices, think about extensions and enhancements.

In my view the most important piece missing is a high-level telephony
API. Probably the most straightforward way would be to make fsogsmd a
backend for the Telepathy framework and go from there. Most probably
opimd will need to be retired too as it never got enough traction and
(I guess) other solutions were developed meanwhile.

What is your personal plan with regard to using FSO so far? What
hardware are you going to try, with what software and for what
purposes? What is the nearest goal, do you expect "firefoxos" or
"ubuntuphone" folks to pickup the API, or probably WebOS? How do you
envision FSO's place in today's world?

What about Elementary and SHR apps, are they still popular? Are there
any reasonable expectations that those will become a good showcase for
the FSO reference implementation?

PS: the list seems to be mangling Reply-To: header, please do
something about it.
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