[Fso] FSO Revitalizing Plan

Simon Busch morphis at gravedo.de
Thu Mar 13 13:03:17 CET 2014

Hey everyone,

> welcome again to this list.
> So my plan to revitalize would be like that:
> 1.) Copy the relevant repositories to github.com as a synchronized clone of git.freesmartphone.org
> 2.) Make sure that what we have there builds against recent tools (autofoo, vala, 3rd-party dependencies)
> 3.) Apply outstanding patches.
> 4.) Wade through our spamfull trac, copy those tickets that are still relevant to github and shut down trac completely.
> 5.) Ponder about the current state of FSO on recent and future target devices, think about extensions and enhancements.

Sadly I don't plan to work with FSO again but if there comes up any
question regarding the architecture changes I did in the past just feel
free to ask me :) I will take a look at the ML from time to time.


Simon Busch - http://mm.gravedo.de/blog/

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