[Fso] FSO Revitalizing Plan

"Steffen Möller" steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Thu Mar 13 14:12:18 CET 2014


it is more of an emotional thing that led me resubscribe, admittedly. There is too much time of mine
taken for too much already. Anyway

> 1.) Copy the relevant repositories to github.com as a synchronized clone of git.freesmartphone.org
Yes, in particular together with 4. this would be good.

> 2.) Make sure that what we have there builds against recent tools (autofoo, vala, 3rd-party dependencies)
> 3.) Apply outstanding patches.
> 4.) Wade through our spamfull trac, copy those tickets that are still relevant to github and shut down trac completely.

> 5.) Ponder about the current state of FSO on recent and future target devices, think about extensions and enhancements.

As time permits, not too soon, I will investigate complementarity of FSO with what
the Freifunk community is after (http://freifunk.de), which is some OpenWRT-based
effort to establish local WLAN meshes.There are a couple of devices supported by Freifunk
that would know how to get G3/G3.5/G4 connects, which are not enabled for it at the
very moment. For some isolated regions in this world, fire fighters, or some camp
on vacation this may be of interest.


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