[Tinkerphones] ZeroPhone site offline

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille.de
Wed Jan 5 16:46:02 CET 2022

Hi Radek,

> If i was doing software for open phone i'd make basic monolithic telephony
> app (calls, SMS) that works directly with the modem, with one HW hardcoded.
> No plugins no frameworks just keep it simple.


When I envisioned the system architecture of Openmoko, I tried to be a nice
citizen with regards to existing components and versatility — otherwise I
would not have started with DBus as the „collaboration API“ in the first place.

While this was great for education and empowering people to write cool custom
dialers and components in all kinds of languages, it severely increased the complexity,
latency, etc.

If I were to do this behemoth of a software stack like freesmartphone.org again, it
would look pretty similar to what you just said. A monolithic
component that takes care about the „features“ of the phone – period. If at all, with
_very few_ – well defined – extension points for other software to „plug in“.

In fact, now that I have a new programming language darling, I’d even love to
do such a stack again from scratch… but time-wise/financially I can’t afford to do something
like that any more :-(



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