[Tinkerphones] ZeroPhone site offline

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Jan 5 17:11:16 CET 2022

> Am 05.01.2022 um 16:46 schrieb Dr. Michael Lauer <mickey at vanille.de>:
> Hi Radek,
>> If i was doing software for open phone i'd make basic monolithic telephony
>> app (calls, SMS) that works directly with the modem, with one HW hardcoded.
>> No plugins no frameworks just keep it simple.
> This!
> When I envisioned the system architecture of Openmoko, I tried to be a nice
> citizen with regards to existing components and versatility — otherwise I
> would not have started with DBus as the „collaboration API“ in the first place.
> While this was great for education and empowering people to write cool custom
> dialers and components in all kinds of languages, it severely increased the complexity,
> latency, etc.
> If I were to do this behemoth of a software stack like freesmartphone.org again, it
> would look pretty similar to what you just said. A monolithic
> component that takes care about the „features“ of the phone – period. If at all, with
> _very few_ – well defined – extension points for other software to „plug in“.

Well, CoreTelephony is such a monolithic component (wrapper)...

Note that it does not define how its internals are implemented.

It could run on a separate processor using some shared memory communication
or whatever is efficient. This allowed Apple have if from iOS 4 to iOS 15 and even
macOS 10.10 and later.

Sometimes I have the feeling that we are repeating the mistakes that Apple
didn't make right from the beginning 15 years ago :) Or in other words we are
not good enough in simply copying what is good.

Also note that some modem chips/modules would have a direct interface to
a microphone and a speaker. So everything would just be about controlling
the modem+audio subsystem. I.e. translating method calls to AT commands.

Indeed no reason for complexity.

> In fact, now that I have a new programming language darling, I’d even love to
> do such a stack again from scratch…

Well my programming language darling is more than 35 years old and I did
already write a lot of such a stack from scratch:


Unfortunately nobody did care about. Me as well :)

Maybe I should care more in the future since two big issues have been

a) mySTEP can now be compiled to run equally well on Debian Jessie up
to Buster (potentially beyond) and multiple SoC architectures
b) and a nasty memory management bug has been solved.

What I also should mention: it can (did) run on the LetuxOS version for
the PinePhone. But was not useable because there is no official modem
driver upstream and I wasn't able to integrate the downstream version.
So I simply could not turn the Modem on and check for AT commands.
> but time-wise/financially I can’t afford to do something
> like that any more :-(

The same for me :(

It was financially interesting when Openmoko started but nowadays
it has shrinked to an interesting hobby (eating too much time).


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