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Wed Jan 5 16:30:04 CET 2022

"I think that the Qt library dependencies were also rather old, were they 
After a while, it becomes a huge burden to try and deliver packages based on

older libraries and frameworks that the distributions have deprecated and 


QtMoko used latest Qt 4.7

It is IMO quite fine for maintenance, because they are bundled with QtMoko 

they don't conflict with system Qt libs (which run on X11/wayland) while 
QtMoko uses

Qt that runs on framebuffer.

But of course such old version does not get any security patches 

I regulary check PinePhone blog, but i am quite disappointed with it's power

state. I am used to charge my phone like twice a week and i need it to stay 

display on for like 10 hours. Otherwise it's just toy and i am not much 

If i was doing software for open phone i'd make basic monolithic telephony

app (calls, SMS) that works directly with the modem, with one HW hardcoded.

No plugins no frameworks just keep it simple. Then run regular linux desktop

and switch between the phone and desktop. I think it worked quite well with


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