[Tinkerphones] FYI - I may have to shut down or restrict the goldelico projects/issue tracker

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed Feb 13 13:35:39 CET 2019

On Wednesday 13. February 2019 12.28.05 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> since some robot has found it and learned how to spam responses to the issue
> (bug tracker) records.

Sorry that it has made more work for you!

> Unfortunately we use a very old version of Indefero (non-existent any more)
> and there is no maintainance option for moderating such records. Or
> preventing rogue users from writing Issues.

It is unfortunate that the software is not only unmaintained, but the Web 
sites for the project are also unavailable now as well. Here, archive.org 
comes to the rescue:


> So I may have to shut down or restrict this service for a while until I can
> fix the code and add some more robot-protection.
> Or does anyone know a comparable system which allows to import all data from
> Indefero?

I did find the following fork of Indefero:


There does seem to have been some activity on it in the last five years, but 
it isn't a particularly active project. I also couldn't find any documentation 
about exporting data or about the schema, which is somewhat frustrating with 
regard to data portability.

I'm not an expert on "forge" systems, myself, and I suspect that many of them 
actually cultivate "busy-working" by allowing lots of ways for people to make 
work around the actual work. Indefero seems pretty simple and unintrusive in 
comparison to some of those other systems.


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