[Tinkerphones] FYI - I may have to shut down or restrict the goldelico projects/issue tracker

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Feb 13 13:55:18 CET 2019

Hi Paul,

> Am 13.02.2019 um 13:35 schrieb Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk>:
> On Wednesday 13. February 2019 12.28.05 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> since some robot has found it and learned how to spam responses to the issue
>> (bug tracker) records.
> Sorry that it has made more work for you!
>> Unfortunately we use a very old version of Indefero (non-existent any more)
>> and there is no maintainance option for moderating such records. Or
>> preventing rogue users from writing Issues.
> It is unfortunate that the software is not only unmaintained, but the Web 
> sites for the project are also unavailable now as well. Here, archive.org 
> comes to the rescue:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20150422065801/http://projects.ceondo.com/p/indefero/

Ah, good to know. Well, I have a working installation (really robust!). So as usual
with open-source, the source as the documentation should suffice...

>> So I may have to shut down or restrict this service for a while until I can
>> fix the code and add some more robot-protection.
>> Or does anyone know a comparable system which allows to import all data from
>> Indefero?
> I did find the following fork of Indefero:
> https://srchub.org/p/srchub-git/

Really interesting!

> There does seem to have been some activity on it in the last five years, but 
> it isn't a particularly active project.

Yes, activities stopped more than a year ago.

> I also couldn't find any documentation 
> about exporting data or about the schema, which is somewhat frustrating with 
> regard to data portability.

Well, I also have raw SQL access to the schemata and they are more or less
self-explaining. But writing an exporter is a lot of work.

So it might be easier to find out how to add a Delete button for Issue comments
that only the project admin or team can see.

And fortunately the code structure is quite well designed.

The srchub-git is also helpful. There they have added a similar delete button to
remove repo requests.


> I'm not an expert on "forge" systems, myself, and I suspect that many of them 
> actually cultivate "busy-working" by allowing lots of ways for people to make 
> work around the actual work. Indefero seems pretty simple and unintrusive in 
> comparison to some of those other systems.

Yes, that is why I did choose it long time ago. Well, it says
"Member since:	Jan 13, 2010" for my login. So 9 years :)


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