[Community] fairphone project

Alexander Varnin fenixk19 at mail.ru
Mon Jan 13 00:51:15 CET 2014

I wanted to ask, what does OpenPhoenux community thinks about Fairphone
project? (http://www.fairphone.com)

This project aimed to make "fair" phone, that means things like
recycling, fair and open materials supply, workers conditions are put in

As I understand, they have already sold 25000 phones. It is so much,
comparing to GTA04 aims of production. Why they have such comparatively
big success?

They respect open source software and trying to make phone software as
free as possible.

But they still use quite close platform. As Replicant project writes, it
is not very safe.

Is it possible for OpenPhoenux community to cooperate with them, to make
really free and fair, open hard&soft phone?

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