[Community] We got a cool community. What do?

wonderphone at posteo.de wonderphone at posteo.de
Wed Apr 30 21:57:10 CEST 2014

Goal: "Provide a complete community driven and independently developed 
hardware, software and services platform for portable operation" (The 

While some important components, hardware and OS development, guerrilla 
marketing, etc. are progressing well, I see two related questions coming 

Which of the community goals can be better reached by new additional 
  - like additional fundraising?
  - later maybe the setup of a help desk or help line?
  - the friendika server?
  - ...?

Where is the biggest need for additional (wo)manpower right now?
  - testing of power management of devices?
  - enhancements to webpage?
  - legal advice?
  ... or any task where the person doing it right now kind of feels like 
fighting alone?

Best regards

Am 28.04.2014 22:08 schrieb wonderphone at posteo.de:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to start a discussion about the next steps and the medium
> term path of the community.

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