[Stammtisch] Let's talk about Open Source Hardware

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Do Dez 17 12:07:55 CET 2015

Hi Ivo,

Am 04.12.2015 um 11:31 schrieb Ivo Santos <ivo.santos at swie.io>:

> Hello,
> I hope my email finds you well.
> I know you are probably very busy but your Open Phoenux project grabbed my attention and I would like to skype with you.

Well this is a mailing list specially for organising a regular meeting in Munich, Germany.

Maybe you should subscribe to the 


list to get a broader audience.

> Allow me to briefly introduce myself: my name is Ivo and I am working with Swie.io to reinvent the way electronics are manufactured in order to accommodate the development of the open source hardware industry.
> By talking with you, I would like to understand the way makers like yourself perceive the industry.

The big problem is that we never get access to the latest chips/components/tools without taking a very big financial risk or getting funding.

> As a thank you to all people that we interview, we will credit 25$ to their Swie account.
> If you are interested to help us shape the future of technology, please fill up the form on the link bellow and let’s have a chat later this month.

The future of technology is not shaped by us. The people shaping it are sitting at Apple, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM and they already shape which chips will be available in 5-10 years. And only they can produce them. And - hopefully - decide to make them available to open source hardware projects. So in my view open source hardware follows technology that is already available. We can just make it available to tinkerers. And sometimes combine in new ways.


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