[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] ***UNCHECKED*** Re: editing the wiki / am3517 support

Jeroen Hofstee jeroen at myspectrum.nl
Wed Nov 20 20:07:22 CET 2019

Hello Nikolaus,

On 11/20/19 9:32 AM, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Am 19.11.2019 um 21:11 schrieb Jeroen Hofstee <jeroen at myspectrum.nl>:
>> Hi,
>> Interesting project, personally I would be interested if this has
>> even a slight chance of working on an am3517. And if so, how..
> We all hope so :)
> Basically it seems as if the am3517 has the same sgx530 inside as
> the dm3730.

yes, there is a sgx530 in there.

>> If I recall correctly the old releases used the FBDEV, but here
>> the goal seems to add a DRM driver.
> Yes, DRM is more future proof.

And for my understanding, does the hw-accelerated driver work in
conjunction with the omap dss or will it serve as a replacement?

>> Are there userland binaries available for that or does that only
>> depend on the linux driver for which the code is available?
> Basically it is the DDK 1.10 driver and userland.
> The latest kernel driver of this project allows to choose between
> several DDK versions.
> DDK 1.10 compiles and can be started (at least on OMAP3) but then
> the driver does not find any displays. Maybe because I have no longer
> enabled the fbdev subsystem.
> Unfortunately the DDK+UM 1.14 can also start but simply reports a
> memory mapping error where we have no clue yet where it comes
> from.

The latest officially tested / released version seems to be
"Based on the IMG Linux 1.9 DDK (1.9ED2188537).". It seems
am317 is still included in later version though.

So what would be a wise thing to do, undust some old ti kernel
and try to understand how it used to work?

>> Anyway, so I have some googling to do, the wiki pages seems
>> not to be editable, but it would be nice if I can write down my
>> findings.
> Yes, that is very welcome. I think a table / matrix of links to
> all user-space packages and status would also be very heplful.
>> Is it possible to allow the github account jhofstee to edit the
>> wiki pages?
> It should be possible. I have checked my account and I seem to
> have admin rights.
> There is a ckeckbox:
> "Restrict editing to users in teams with push access only
> Public wikis will still be readable by everyone."
> So this would mean that you need push access. But I do not
> really know how to enable this.

If you don't want all git users to be able to edit the wiki you need
Settings -> Collaborators and teams

and optional Settings -> Branches to protect the ones you really
care about.

Also please consider setting the default branch to letux-pvrsrvkm.



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