[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] editing the wiki / am3517 support

Jeroen Hofstee jeroen at myspectrum.nl
Tue Nov 19 21:11:37 CET 2019


Interesting project, personally I would be interested if this has
even a slight chance of working on an am3517. And if so, how..
If I recall correctly the old releases used the FBDEV, but here
the goal seems to add a DRM driver.

Are there userland binaries available for that or does that only
depend on the linux driver for which the code is available?

Anyway, so I have some googling to do, the wiki pages seems
not to be editable, but it would be nice if I can write down my

Is it possible to allow the github account jhofstee to edit the
wiki pages?

With kind regards,

Jeroen Hofstee

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