[OHSW.org] Next Tinkerphones Hard&Software Hacking Meeting

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mi Nov 22 16:27:31 CET 2017

it was quite quiet on this list and it appears that nobody
did miss our yearly event :( Too bad...

Anyways we usually had our meeting/workshop/hacking event
around 1st Advent, i.e. it would have to be next week.
Not enough time to organise.

But there is a proposal to meet during FOSDEM 2018.
E.g. Friday or Saturday night in the lobby of a hotel
where some of us stays.

It will of course be less than a full workshop weekend,
but better than nothing.

Who will be at FOSDEM? Who is interested to meet other
members of this community in person?


PS: FOSDEM 2018 is 3rd/4th Feb 2018.

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