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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fr Nov 29 12:02:53 CET 2013

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> Von: Michele Brocco <ssj2micvm at gmail.com>
> Datum: 28. November 2013 11:35:24 MEZ
> Betreff: OHSW Workshop - venue information
> Dear OHSW participants,
> some brief but nevertheless useful information for this weekend. Our
> department has three entrances: two are close to the underground
> station, one is close to a free parking lot
> (http://goo.gl/maps/JlRxm). The parking lot close to the underground
> station is not free. Furthermore you need an underground ticket to be
> allowed to park your car there.
> To enter the building you need to ring the bell and say that you are a
> participants of the OHSW workshop. It may be, that there is nobody
> there at the moment. In this case either wait some minute or call me
> and I will try to open the door with brute force :)
> Looking forward to meet you in Garching
> Michele
> P.S. I have seen I'm missing the email address of some of the
> participants that "registered" via doodle
> (http://doodle.com/bc5xv44gri9hkk8r). If some of you know them, please
> ask them to register to the mailing list.

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