[Letux-kernel] X1600 / LX16 support - here: adding MMC - MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Feb 13 19:25:35 CET 2024

> Am 13.02.2024 um 19:21 schrieb Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk>:
> On Tuesday, 13 February 2024 18:55:05 CET H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Except reboot. Ah, reboot needs some watchdog for wakeup!
>> Maybe we will find a puzzle piece there.
> What I do in my own low-level framework is to set an RTC alarm and then enter 
> hibernate.

Yes, something like this. It should be solved for the other ingenic processors
so we can look there.

>> This proves that we don't need most of the vendor drivers.
> Yes, I think the only one that really offered anything substantially different 
> was pinctrl.

Yes, they have added several features which were not easy to control in 5.10
kernel gpiolib. But I think it is easier in 6.8 now.

>> One thing I am currently studying a little is the USB/OTG subsystem.
>> This seems to differ from all others. There is a register
>> address range 0x10078000 for the OTGPHY.
>> Watchdog, PWM and the OTG (not the phy) seems to be also significantly
>> different from x1000. But OTG seems to be a specialization of the DWC2.
>> So we must add 11. Watchdog and 12. PWM to our list. Maybe I should add
>> a text file to the work-x1600 branch just with this list...
> As I noted before, the X2000 has a different LCD controller, and I noticed 
> recently that it also seems to have a different SD card controller. So, the 
> X1600 is something of a stepping stone from one generation to the next.




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