[Letux-kernel] X1600 / LX16 support - here: fw_getenv() issue

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue Feb 6 19:37:56 CET 2024


Sorry not to offer any comments before now...

> There is only a small difference in uImage size and the entry point moves a
> little. But no functional difference. At least with 5.10.y. 6.8 requires at
> least gcc 5.1.0.

I'm using Debian's gcc 10.2.1.

> What I can't exclude so far is that the bug is also in letux-5.10.y-lx16 but
> does not make the kernel boot hang, because the "damaging" of the
> environment variables has a different result.

Some kind of variable corruption due to a misconfiguration seemed like the 
cause when I encountered this problem.

> So maybe I should try to backport the ll_printk stuff to the 5.10.y
> kerneland try to look what it is doing differently at start_kernel().
> Any better ideas/suggestions how to identify this issue?

Not immediately.

At some point, I will review the UART driver and also consider the MMC/SD 
driver as well. I've been looking at the latter functionality independently 
from Linux, so I might be slightly more productive when I am able to turn my 
attention to it.



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