[Letux-kernel] Memory freeze and timing CI20

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Feb 25 01:31:57 CET 2021

On Wednesday, 24 February 2021 17:21:14 CET Zhou Yanjie wrote:
> I have completed a new pinctrl patches (in the attachment) based on
> kernel 5.11, including JZ4730, JZ4750, JZ4755, JZ4775 and X2000.
> The JZ4730 is based on Paul's driver with some minor adjustments. Could
> you help test it? I don't have JZ4730 hardware at hand.
> Also, Paul, would you please give me your signed-off-by? I will add it
> when I send the patch.

I'll try and build a kernel, but I think Nikolaus has a working recipe and 
might be in a better position to test. You can add a sign-off for me, if you 
like, given that I can attest to modifying the pinctrl driver.

> There is also bad news. I found that the previous cache patch may affect
> the normal operation of the USB camera. I am troubleshooting the problem.

I think it is wonderful that you are testing such things. Maybe I should be 
digging out my old USB webcam for testing!

> Thanks and best regards!

Thank you for all your hard work, too!

And a belated Happy Chinese New Year as well. :-)


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