[Letux-kernel] aess child setup for omap5

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Jul 26 20:26:06 CEST 2020

Hi Tony,
I have started to work a little on aess integration to latest mainline (i.e. once again try to reintegrate the old TI code) for omap5 (and later for arch/arm/boot/dts/omap4-l4-abe.dtsi).

At the moment I am stuck with properly setting up the ranges and reg translation for the AESS registers and memory.

I have based the DTS setup on the discussion on https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/devicetree-bindings/patch/20170830151953.30856-13-tony@atomide.com/

My current attempt to augment arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5-l4-abe.dtsi

		target-module at f1000 {			/* 0x401f1000, ap 32 20.0 */
			compatible = "ti,sysc-omap4", "ti,sysc";
			reg = <0xf1000 0x4>,
			      <0xf1010 0x4>;
			reg-names = "rev", "sysc";
			ti,sysc-midle = <SYSC_IDLE_FORCE>,
			ti,sysc-sidle = <SYSC_IDLE_FORCE>,
			/* Domains (V, P, C): iva, abe_pwrdm, abe_clkdm */
			clocks = <&abe_clkctrl OMAP5_AESS_CLKCTRL 0>;
			clock-names = "fck";
			#address-cells = <1>;
			#size-cells = <1>;
			/* CHECKME: OMAP4 and OMAP5 may differ in memory sizes */
			ranges = <0xf1000 0xf1000 0x1000>, /* MPU private access */
				 <0x80000 0x80000 0x10000>, /* DMEM 64KiB - MPU */
				 <0xa0000 0xa0000 0x1000>, /* CMEM 4KiB - MPU */
				 <0xc0000 0xc0000 0x10000>, /* SMEM 64KiB - MPU */
				 <0xe0000 0xe0000 0x1fff>, /* PMEM ?KiB - MPU */
				 <0x490f1000 0x490f1000 0x1000>, /* L3 Interconnect */
				 <0x49080000 0x40180000 0x10000>, /* DMEM 64KiB - L3 */
				 <0x490a0000 0x401a0000 0x1000>, /* CMEM 4KiB - L3 */
				 <0x490ce000 0x401c0000 0x10000>, /* SMEM 64KiB - L3 */
				 <0x490e0000 0x401e0000 0x1fff>; /* PMEM ?KiB - L3 */

			aess: aess {
				compatible = "ti,omap4-aess";
				reg = <0x0 0x3ff>, /* MPU private access */
				      <0x80000 0xffff>, /* DMEM - MPU */
				      <0xa0000 0x1fff>, /* CMEM - MPU */
				      <0xc0000 0xffff>, /* SMEM - MPU */
				      <0xe0000 0x1fff>, /* PMEM - MPU */
				      <0x490f1000 0x3ff>, /* L3 Interconnect */
				      <0x49080000 0xffff>, /* DMEM - L3 */
				      <0x490a0000 0x1fff>, /* CMEM - L3 */
				      <0x490ce000 0xffff>, /* SMEM - L3 */
				      <0x490e0000 0x1fff>; /* PMEM - L3 */
				reg-names = "mpu", "dmem", "cmem", "smem", "pmem",
				      "dma", "dmem_dma", "cmem_dma", "smem_dma",
				interrupts = <GIC_SPI 99 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
				dmas = <&sdma 101>,
				      <&sdma 102>,
				      <&sdma 103>,
				      <&sdma 104>,
				      <&sdma 105>,
				      <&sdma 106>,
				      <&sdma 107>,
				      <&sdma 108>;
				dma-names = "fifo0", "fifo1", "fifo2", "fifo3", "fifo4",
				      "fifo5", "fifo6", "fifo7";

fails with that the first reg-names "mpu" reports OF_BAD_ADDR in __of_address_to_resource().
If I change the first ranges to <0x0 0xf1000 0x1000> this entry seems to succeed but
the next one (for "dmem") fails. Therefore my aess driver doesn't successfully probe.

Since I am not that experienced with address translations, let me ask if you have an
idea how to properly fix the mapping of DMEM, CMEM, SMEM to the aess child node.

BTW: having three disabled target-module nodes (@80000, @a0000, @c0000) for these
MEM seems to be not necessary since these memory ranges are handled by the ti,omap4-aess
driver through platform_get_resource_byname() during probe. I.e. there will be no separate
user of these target modules to ever enable them.

BR and thanks,

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