[Letux-kernel] Integrating proper Pyra support

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Feb 2 13:07:40 CET 2020


> Am 01.02.2020 um 21:25 schrieb Nick Elsmore <nicholaselsmore at gmail.com>:
> Hey all,
> I'm working to integrate proper Pyra support into the Letux kernel.  I've been doing work in a fork, but am trying to become synchronized with Letux.  This thread is dedicated to stabilizing base Pyra support within Letux, starting with:
> - standalone Pyra defconfig

yes, that is good to have and manage a specific Pyra defconfig.

The letux_defconfig builds a lot of modules which are not needed for the Pyra. And by configuring some stuff into the kernel instead of loading modules, boot time can drastically be reduced.

> - AUFS support

This is already part of letux-4.19.


 So what is missing? Maybe it is not configured. Or have there been important AUFS upstream patches?

> - improved bq2429x support
> - improved audio codec support
> - stabilizing SGX/OpenGL and TILER/rotation support

> The most recent kernel with best support for SGX (the problem child) support on the Pyra is 4.19.89, so I am targeting this kernel version to start.

SGX is now working equally well on letux-4.19, letux-5.4 and letux-5.5 kernels. So why do you think it is a problem child?

Only the drm_fbdev_helper is broken on 5.4/5.5 and makes framebuffer rotation fail, but that is not an SGX problem.

>   I will be providing patches incrementally as they get approved to ease integration.  The first is simply a specific pyra defconfig.
> <0001-configs-Add-letux_pyra_defconfig.patch>

I have recently integrated the "pyra_defconfig" (not letux_pyra_defconfig) provided by aTc into the 5.4 and 5.5 kernels:


There was a backport for letux-4.19 waiting in the queue, but it was not yet published.
I have triggered the kernel-upstream-update process and it has already been pushed:


So please can you check what diffs are needed against the latest letux-4.19 kernel (master or letux-4.19.101 branch) and rebase if necessary?

BR and thanks,

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