[Letux-kernel] Integrating proper Pyra support

Nick Elsmore nicholaselsmore at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 21:25:28 CET 2020

Hey all,

I'm working to integrate proper Pyra support into the Letux kernel.  I've
been doing work in a fork, but am trying to become synchronized with
Letux.  This thread is dedicated to stabilizing base Pyra support within
Letux, starting with:
- standalone Pyra defconfig
- AUFS support
- improved bq2429x support
- improved audio codec support
- stabilizing SGX/OpenGL and TILER/rotation support

The most recent kernel with best support for SGX (the problem child)
support on the Pyra is 4.19.89, so I am targeting this kernel version to
start.  I will be providing patches incrementally as they get approved to
ease integration.  The first is simply a specific pyra defconfig.
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