[Letux-kernel] AESS / Audio Driver for Pyra

Michael Mrozek EvilDragon at openpandora.org
Tue Oct 30 04:21:58 CET 2018

Am Mon, 29 Oct 2018 20:44:23 +0100 hat patrick <patrick at wylight.de>


Thanks for your support and addition.

> Hi Ed,
> I want to add a few words to support Nikolaus position:

> > I am waiting for more developers having hardware and helping to fix
> > missing things where we know for long time they are missing. So
> > trying to provide them already with a kernel where EVERYTHING works
> > seems to build a deadlock... 
> That's the point. We don't need perfect HW/SW all we need to start is
> HW, which is able to boot.
> For me there is only one target kernel version and that is Linus
> prepatch tree. With our lack of man power we have to mainline as much
> and fast as possible.

Well, yes, but that is exactly the problem here.
Almost ALL of the prototypes we've sent out had some kind of hardware
issue. The one who wanted to work on the volume wheel daemon got a unit
with a broken volume wheel.
A lot of units had other random issues as well. I know this is normal
for a prototype production run (it was the same with the Pandora),
however, it was a very frustrating experience for most developers who
wanted to work on the unit and didn't even know if these issue were
broken hardware or software. Some even spent a lot of their free time
trying to fix something that wasn't broken - they simply were unlucky
enough to receive a unit with hardware issues.

So I don't want to send any more units out which haven't run through
basic hardware tests.
With basic I mean: Just a simple test of every known component to show
that the unit itself shouldn't have an issue.

Optimizing and fixing drivers, etc. can be done by the devs, but we
first need to be sure the hardware is working.

Nikolaus did test all the hardware components during development (he
had to make sure his layout isn't broken), so these tests all existed
and were working at some times.

This was nothing that made the hardware itself usable (sound still
needs a lot of work, even though the tester can output some sound).

I simply don't want to send a unit out to someone, for example, who
wants to work on audio and after he spent hours and hours, we find out
that the hardware chip on the board is broken.

Bluetooth, GPS, Audio, etc. had all been tested by Nikolaus before -
but it wasn't working anymore (not even the simple tests) with the
latest kernel versions.

I'm fearing we lose a lot of good devs simply because I ship out broken
units. So all I need are simple hardware tests now, not fully fledged
bug-free software solutions.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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