[Letux-kernel] power management problems in ehci-omap

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Sun Feb 4 00:03:48 CET 2018


I booted a 4.15 kernel without udev and loaded modules piece by piece to analyze
pm problems. modprobe ehci-omap increases current by around 35mA and
also rmmod ehci-omap does not let it go down at all.

I expect that removing hardware does the same thing

Also suspend current increases by around 15mA if that module is loaded.
I tested with having everything disabled which is attached to that usb bus.

System was 
GTA04A5 (with dm3730 processor and usb3322 phy)

I know it has worked once, but I do not remember the version.

The kernel config used can be found here:

BTW: I am at the FOSDEM, will probably spend a lot of time in the
hw enablement devroom. So maybe ideas could be discussed directly.

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