[Letux-kernel] pm research

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Fri Feb 2 22:18:28 CET 2018


here is a recent summary of my research about pm:
- musb/twl4030-phy has problems when "charge continuous" is done in uboot
 - "charge off" before bootm fixes that. 
 - have not checked "charge auto"

- ehci-omap:
  at least Kernel 4.12-4.15 have broken pm in ehci(-omap).
  loading the module with modem disabled adds around 15mA to suspend current.
  4.11 has broken serial (crashes on suspend), so no idea, how it is there.

- omapisp:
This message is interesting: [  530.955780] Powerdomain (cam_pwrdm) didn't enter target state 1

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