[Letux-kernel] replacement for omap_hsmmc: hackish try to enable sdio interrupts

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Fri Aug 31 17:08:44 CEST 2018


I have finally created a better patch for above-mentioned commit, so it can be
upstreamed. It works with good performance. After testing on a letux 3704 (so I have both with and without
level shifter), I will probably send the patch upstream. It seems te be independant
of the other dt things.

Just one question: is the sdmmc2_dat4.sdmmc2_dir_dat1 setting correct?
It differs from u-boot. 

The replacement patch is:
    ARM: dts: gta04: add dt entries for proper setup of sdio irq

which is in my work/letux-base/kemnade/libertas branch

So I have a clean base for e.g. cleaning up the libertas suspend stuff finally.

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