[Letux-kernel] Letux U-Boot 2016.11 for GTA04

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Feb 18 16:06:50 CET 2017

Hi Josua,

> Am 18.02.2017 um 14:05 schrieb Josua Mayer <josua.mayer at jm0.eu>:
> Hi everybody,
> during my latest attempts at booting standard debian, I was hit by
> fdtaddr just like Andreas was previously.

What is the problem with fdtaddr?

> I believe it would be very beneficial if we implemented standard
> variable names for the most important addresses such as DeviceTree,
> Kernel and Ramdisk.
> U-Boot has a standard for this which is documented as part of their
> Distro Boot Script.
> Please see doc/README.distro: section U-Boot Implementation

I have looked into it a little and I understand that there is ftd_addr
but that should be a ROM address where the fdt is located. We have no
ROM. And there is fdt_addr_r where it should be loaded to. This is probably
what we use the fdtaddr for.

But I also understand that this is only relevant when using the U-Boot
"syslinux" and "pxe boot" commands. We use neither one.

> Perhaps we should also review any other environment variables that are
> set as part of u-boot code, and see what is strictly required.

AFAIK not much.

Anyways I assume things will improve with future U-Boot releases upstream,
but for the moment we don't have enough manpower to work on all construction
sites in parallel...

So I'd like to understand the problem first.


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