[Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 based letux phone for sale

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Mar 22 12:14:46 CET 2018


is there any developer out there who wants to have it?

Otherwise I'll buy it now for testing QtMoko2.

Best regards

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Unfortunatly, for financial reason, I would like to sale my GTA04A5 phone. 
I will have to go back to my old Nokia 3310.
It is a complete phone, not only the latest motherboard. It comes with the 
camera, the Flash led soldered and the antenna for the FM transmitter is 
soldered and installed inside the enclosure.
There are 2 back covers included. One without holes for the camera and 
flash, and another one with the holes.
The phones has installed a QTMoko on a 32GB high speed sd card.
What is sold:
- Full GTA04A5 based phone
- Optional Camera installed
- Optional flash installed
- Optional FM transmitter antenna
- Power supply
- Male microUSB to Female full size USBadapter to use the phone as USB 
- RS232 cable to connect the phone on the computer with serial link
- board and keys to create a gamepad for the phone (see the openmoko diy 
- 32 GB high speed SD card (with QTMOKO installed)
- 2 batteries (1 in the phone and 1 spare)
- 2 backplates (1 without holes for the camera and flash and 1 with these 
With the software currently installed, I can make and receive calls and 
write and read SMS, and plays some games on it.
Price : 500 euros + shipping
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