[Gta04-owner] using the gta04 as an alarm clock

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On Fri, 27 Jul 2018 13:29:38 +0200
"T. Munker" <t.munker at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> sounds great. I have an addition
> Assuming there is already some Alarn application running (as you propose cron), there should be a check of it in the shutdown scripts. When the alarm is set, then an rtc call would only have to ensure that the phone is running before that and the rest will do the alarm software by itself (which has to be active right after system boot)
> So a user of the alarm application will not notice that there was something special about turning off the phone. There should be a user interface defined for that shutdown script. I like the idea, of a file which has the timestamps at which point(s) in future the device should be up.
hmm, afaik qtmoko already uses rtc to wake up from suspend (so you have at least 20mA suspend current) but I have to check. 
So I think most logic is already there. Setting the rtc alarm for suspend or for power on is the same. the -m option just tells rtcwake
what to do afterwards and -m off is simply an ordinary shutdown. twl4030 is
configured by default to power on on rtc events. Keyword in the source:
But what happens might be that e.g. qtmoko clears the rtc alarm setting
on shutdown. At least it can save alarm settings
in its settings file, so it has only to do the right thing after

so, several things to check...

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